Nobody Move

from by Born Low



Seems like everyday, something’s in my way.
When I'm just trying to keep my mind from dying.
I know we came up strong, I won't fucking lie.
Now I take a look around its enough to make me…
Sometimes I just wanna…
Trash piling in the fucking gutter.
Too much dirt for one hand to wash the other.
Silence the cries of the desperate, the weak.
They've turned the page on the answers that you seek.
You think you have the power.
You think you hold the key to your rise and fall? Never.
Measured man by how much he can withstand.
Bring to light all that he endures.
Sacrificed are all ambitions.
Widespread the ills, withheld the cure.
You think you have the power.
You think you hold the key to you rise and fall? Guess again.
Losing grip and the mood has changed .
We find ourselves locked out, bottom of the food chain.
What will you do to regain step, without selling yourself away?
Either way there will be a price to pay.
Your price to pay.
Hunger for the recognition, balanced with a secrecy.
They're gonna catch me if I breathe too deep.
Gonna catch me if I choose to stay asleep.
You'll never have the power.


from Refuse To Beg, released January 14, 2014



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Born Low Albany, New York

Albany Hardcore

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