The Hunger Within

by Born Low

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released January 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Born Low Albany, New York

Albany Hardcore

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Track Name: Pura Vida
Brought down by the pain of a world that I cannot understand.
Release the hate trapped in my wounds.
Reborn in the fire of true strength, no friend to the upper hand.
Search inside of me, to take command.

And I'll shed this tired skin.
Eradicate the fear within.  
Commit to a path that lays out, crystal clear.
For so long I'd run away, with no moral.
I've felt the bonds begin to break, and I fall.

Enter a world where I should've been all along.
Embrace the fate.  
I share in the heartache that you feel.
Love born from hate, can't get more real.  

A life marred by deception.
The truth ceases to exist.
And in the eyes of those who cannot see,
Your soul just becomes a myth.

Pure vision. Full of life. Stay in your lane.

I've never seen it before.
I'll never miss again.

This cross is mine to bear.
I fight for my freedom.
I push and I won't stop.  
With every breath that fills my lungs.
Track Name: Wrecking Ball
There's no miss with from hammer swinging down.
Send a shiver through your spine.
A witch hunt for the thrill seekers.
I won't go in peace, when it's not my time.

Part of the bastard breed.
Dirty hands reaching for the feed.

Rise with the sun, race with the clock,
and life corrodes before your eyes.
And with my back against the wall,
my mind feels like a wrecking ball.

We take what isn't ours.
But only steal what we deserve.
You call it immoral.
This is man left with his last nerve.

Your life...spent…slipping away
Your the grip of it all

And with my back against the wall,
my mind just feels like a wrecking ball.
Track Name: Nature Of The Business
We are the ones with our hands on the wheel.

Directionless, yet starving for more.
Sinking all our teeth into class war.
The dying man in the warehouse wakens.
By a margin born within a dream.

The push is made to watch his seed rise.
Ascend to the top; realize.
Desire breeds deep within the core.
We grind to the bone, just to open the doors.

Born by...the working mans' blood.
We bring the light...and still the rain comes.

Wash away the marks we've made.
Like we were never here.
And we will always drive ourselves.
But we'll never steer.

Moral decay now hung out to dry.
No rules when the daughters start to cry.
Missing all but the hunger pangs.
Medication, quell the insane.

And as the answers stay withheld
We grind, still we grind.
They feed us, they bleed us, keep us firm under control.

Tell me not to lie and steal
Tell me not to cheat my way to the top.
Force me to adapt and change.
This is my way of life till I fucking rot.
Track Name: Empty Plate
Bastardized identity, you're not a friend to me.
You watch you life unfold, no control.
Projected image, perfected image
Found comfort in what you're supposed to despise.
These hollow words from the packs of vultures.
Decimating the underground culture.
With no remorse for the damage done.
I draw a line in the sand where before there wasn't one.

Unseen, I've seen it before…leave this alone

So full of shit,  just a walking tirade
Bite your tongue, step back; verbal grenades.
Still feeding your minds from an empty plate. This is a lonely world, do your best to relate.
Carry your own weight, on your own back.
Shed the borrowed skin or you will never last.
In this dog eat dog, cold shoulder life. Dig yourself on out from the pain and the strife.

No. laws. to. live by.
In the realm of the defeated mind.
The.ties.we've. made. fade now.
Apathy in the first world gone insane.

World goin' insane.   

Still feeding your mind.
From this empty plate.
Track Name: Blinded Eye
Blur the lines, detract the purpose.
A modern world manufactures pain.
War, plagues, the lies- the less than true.
I've seen the real and the fake made one in the same.

Speak your mind, no one listening.
Play your part in the acceptance game.
Say hello to your new reputation.
Inhale the doubt, exhale the shame.

No control, hopeless, deranged.
Finding new ways to cope with the strain.
You're running scared down a dead end path,
and in the face of your fears you all never last.

Shifting through the shadows, see the dog that's baited.
And to my world... he will be castrated.

Burning eyelid blinded close
Blacking out beyond your nose.

Perceptions demise


Boiled over one too many times, just a flash in the pan.

Try to make it, never get out alive.  Draw a bead on your mark with a blinded eye.
And when your ready to strike, you're drawing down.
Let your steps in life be your only sound.