by Born Low

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released February 16, 2010



all rights reserved


Born Low Albany, New York

Albany Hardcore

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Track Name: This Prison
Welcome to the worst of the lows.
I feel the shiver from skin to bone.
I stood on your scales of judgment.
You built me up and then you left me alone.
Follow through the mandate said.
Climb the ladder, the scriptures read.
I stay fixed on the past, where,
I’m pushed to the edge and out of your grasp. It’s not win or lose.
No choice but to pick and choose.
It feels like I’m falling through some twisted stages of hell.
Those who try and cut me down, I know too well.
These are the worst of the lows.
Where you’re left with nothing to show for the work you put in.
Your life gets marred by your fucking sins. It’s not win or lose.
This is the end of the road, you’d be wiser to give up hope and let go.
I’m losing sight of the flames, the same fire keeping me sane.
I scale the walls in this life, it’s a prison. Afraid I’ll fall when I reach the top.
Track Name: No Wake
I’m swept along through a current, back and forth in the tides of time.
They work their ways, do their worst, to divide and kill my mind.
There’s no out.
Against my will I’ve played your game.
There’s no escape when you’ve been drained.
And against my better judgment, I’m still strung along.
There’s no out.
You can’t speak for the spoken for.
Come from the heart yet you still ignore.
So I bite my tongue, taste the iron.
Filled with rage is this heart of a lion.
Track Name: Abuse, Reuse
Revealed as a hollow promise, you made your mark coasting by.
You’re not fooling anyone, anymore.
I won’t stand for a sheep in wolf’s disguise.
King of the anthill, see how far you can push this time.
A sick design, based on tested tolerance.
Forced in to stir things up, your barren waste, an empty cup.
Play me and I’ll sicken you. A selfish leech, your reign is through.
Fall forward regress to feel the strain, a will breaks from a life lived in pain. Keep flirting with your limits, see what you find.
A witness to your sins, I can only turn my cheek, so many times.
I stand atop the highest peak, and watch the flames burn on.
Smell the stench, feel the heat,
watch the devil nod his head to the beat of a drum, as old as time.
He says, “If your aim is love, your soul is mine.” And you’re fucking blind. Pushed to the max, pushed to the limit, found nothing within it.
Got to break the mold. A mind wanders outside the box.
Intuition picks the locks. Let the chains fall too the floor.
You’re not fooling anyone, anymore.
Track Name: Tired Horse
Forced down, kicked around.
Lost in a place I never thought I’d be found.
Learn the lesson; you don’t change just to stay the same.
I need to hold on better to myself,
let go are the days lived in the absence of health.
All the wealth lost in wasted time, empty days where the sun won’t shine. Left to rot, amongst the waste, with the lost, I’m not one of them.
I’ve paid the cost. There’s no value to me in a world with mercy,
for those who point the blame.
Low we are born. Born then we’re pushed too the edge.
Turn our backs on the hand from which we’re fed.
Understand one time, I can’t live in a state of fear, got to steady climb. Push aside those too afraid to ever push themselves.
Focus on a means to an end, just to stay alive.
There was a time when I believed, this world wouldn’t lead me blind.
No way it could ever leave me hurt. How wrong could I have been?
I still have a lot to learn. But I won’t live with my knees down in the dirt. 
Track Name: Fixed On Defeat
I’m still searching to find the enemy.
These battles keep my eyelids open, they keep fixed on defeat.
Still through the games I continue to play, I shut out the words they say. “Wake up, learn to love this life.”
A dream’s so hard to hold with no end in sight. Swallow harder.
Try to digest the pain. It boils over.
Now we’re one in the same.
Can’t close my eyes when it hurts to see, try to focus on ‘in front of me.’ Trust not all I see. We ignore the plights that plague our cities.
And embrace a world that spins in our heads.
You know nothing but self pity.
I’ve felt the black and blue and now I see red.
Track Name: For Your Mother's Sake
For your mother’s sake, don’t slip down the drain.
It’s been forty years, twenty spent in pain.
Pick your head up. The sun burns your eyes.
Indulgent world, lead us to demise.
Held up in a motel room, the T.V. rots your brain, nothing to keep you sane. Pull the curtain, let the world back in. The timetable shifts.
My love, wearing thin.
Move your mind, embrace the feeling.
My consciousness has got me reeling.
Shift to a place, safe and secure; the only thing that keeps it pure.
Try and try, but you could never see. Father to your son, you’ll never be. Daydreams paint your picket fence.
Smokescreen of lies, hide your pestilence.
No knowledge of the effects on the family you continue to wreck.
This world spins for one reason, to go for your throat.
So best believe, you’re making it easy.
For me to draw my hand, and cut the rope.
I feel all this shame, so I bow my head to embrace the pain.
Track Name: World On Its Back
I see an aging youth, and the truth that feeds a haunted past.
There’s no solace in yesteryears.
With these fears abound, how can I last?
These city sidewalks flow with peoples’ dreams and aspirations.
A sinking mood has swept the land. Straight laced, pure frustration. Random violence greases the wheels on the hate machine.
Try and wash these dirty days, you can’t make them clean.
Where do I go to garner trust, there’s none to find.
Seek out your maker because you’re not safe among your kind.
No way out of this self made cell.
Heavens waiting for the believers,
those fearing hell, and the lifelong grievers.
Pressure treated, forced to break.
We’re holding court from the lowest rung,
a sore reminder of what’s at stake.
This common heartache is shared by all.
Sit and stack your chips, I’ll be there to watch them fall.
No way out of the self-made cell. No way out of this self-made hell.
Track Name: Leveled
There’s no direction I see.
Still I sit and wonder why you bother with me.
Is it your past pulling you back in?
The paper walls you put up are wearing thin.
Your road forward is a fucking circle. Down the drain, still in my sights.
Sad story, stuck on repeat.
Latching onto every person you happen to meet.
Hard times mix with stolen chances,
a good excuse for your cheap advances.
Your road forward is a fucking circle. Slipping hard, sinking fast.
Down the drain, away from me.
All I see is you slip up;
with your head in the clouds and your feet off the ground.
Why don’t you just give up? And let the world, bit by bit, weigh you down. How long before the lies taint the innocent?
You’re wrong, dead wrong. The false hope you have will push you down. Lies will always be lies.
One sure made enemy.
Now suffer from the choices that you’ve made.
Killing chances, you protect your doubt.
Find your own way out.