Only Death Will Deliver (Demo)

by Born Low

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released June 20, 2009



all rights reserved


Born Low Albany, New York

Albany Hardcore

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Track Name: Your March On
What you keep in your heart, you fear in your head.
Question the truth? Better off dead.
Does life shape me? There is no escape.
I won't bathe in defeat, accept my fate.
A run from daylight to shake things loose,
the easiest way to find your neck in a noose.
And yet you still march on.
Push your way, through different dimensions.
Search for the key that will lock away the shame.
But shame sticks with you, it's with you for life.
Clouds descend to bring the rain, to wash your slate but I'm still the same. The harder you push, the further the fall.
Steeper you climb, but I won't crawl.
And all I seek, a piece of mind,
is so hard to catch with the world spinning blind.
You won't hear my words. You'll just take everything else.
Shame sticks with you, you can't outgrow it.
Time runs me through, the hands bring pain. To crush me.
Track Name: Reincarnage
Looking through the lenses of the masses.
Distorted visions, go ahead, make your choices.
Know that you're gonna lose.
I discard dreams based on reality.
Trust nothing produced by this world, it won't do it for me anyway.
Only death will deliver me back to the womb.
Carve a new path with your words, follow through with every action.
In a world so bent on lies, honesty is hard to fashion.
I won't be the weight rolling off your back.
Or lost hope slipping through the cracks.
No more divide between being used and abused.
Blur the lines and walk a mile in my shoes.
Where you try to twist it, round and round.
Every day, it's like I've been reborn.
Every morning stepping out of the grave.
Try to walk a straight line sideways. Always to rattle your cage.
Track Name: Pompeii
I want no part of it.
A victory dance with a shelf life.
I won't witness it.
I'll bury my head to sift through the ruins again.
And I live unforgiven, enslaved by my regret.
A spirit crushed by the weight of it all.
You're so scared to take a fall.
Capsized with an eternal fear.
I speak and I speak, and you don't hear.
And I live unforgiving, wrapped in these chains, dragging me down.
I gave convenience, and I took the death. I choked it down.
This normalcy is hard to swallow.
So now you've found your wings.
I know you long to shine.
Good luck with your goodbyes. I won't watch the ruins rise.
I'm feeling sick. Feeling sicker, sicker with every breath.
But I can't rest my head.
Track Name: Reducer
Pixelization age.
False fronts, fake rage.
Is this what we've been reduced to?
An exhibition on display.
Where everyone's an artist, and it's all a superficial scene.
Shit I hope you're more than that kid.
It's time to live beyond the screen.
War behind a curtain isn't war at all.
Expose the cowards, show the frauds.
War behind a curtain, you're fake.
Attention charade, a liar's parade.
This is what we've been reduced to.
Nothing more, one single page of linear statements,
have been passed off as real.
You can see where I'm from, but you can't get how I feel.
I'm not your entertainment.
I'm not your table talk.
I'm not your petty gossip.
Take a walk.