Refuse To Beg

by Born Low



released January 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Born Low Albany, New York

Albany Hardcore

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Track Name: Nobody Move
Seems like everyday, something’s in my way.
When I'm just trying to keep my mind from dying.
I know we came up strong, I won't fucking lie.
Now I take a look around its enough to make me…
Sometimes I just wanna…
Trash piling in the fucking gutter.
Too much dirt for one hand to wash the other.
Silence the cries of the desperate, the weak.
They've turned the page on the answers that you seek.
You think you have the power.
You think you hold the key to your rise and fall? Never.
Measured man by how much he can withstand.
Bring to light all that he endures.
Sacrificed are all ambitions.
Widespread the ills, withheld the cure.
You think you have the power.
You think you hold the key to you rise and fall? Guess again.
Losing grip and the mood has changed .
We find ourselves locked out, bottom of the food chain.
What will you do to regain step, without selling yourself away?
Either way there will be a price to pay.
Your price to pay.
Hunger for the recognition, balanced with a secrecy.
They're gonna catch me if I breathe too deep.
Gonna catch me if I choose to stay asleep.
You'll never have the power.
Track Name: Just How Real
Bottle the guilt as a remedy.
Failure breathes, liar, burn me.
Lessons learned, in falling short.
Won't be judged by a king with no court.
See you fly, on borrowed wings.
Your bravery and the truth it won't bring.
Freedom to fail, that ship has sailed.
Running away you'll never get where you're going.
You'll go nowhere.
A stolen thought from your so called friends.
Hole in your net, a knot with no end.
The tears will fall, forever to never.
There's no weight to a voice that won't speak up.
I can’t hear you.
When you're down and out,
reach for something more than just a way, to pass the blame.
You all pretend, victim till the end.
Keep running, run away from the truth.
I see right through.
You’ll go nowhere.
Flesh and bone just a body of lies, victimized.
No disguise. No disguise.
Track Name: The Tensions Too Much
It's getting hard to breathe.
Too hard for you, Too hard for me.
All the debts are paid in full, but heartache is sparing none.
Nailed down, stuck in place.
It justifies what we've become.
No truth, nowhere.
Still a change remains unfound.
Commence with the cutting corners.
Stay with the shedding pounds.
I feel the weight coming down on me.
Trapped in the race, find a way out.
It’s too easy to play the role.
Pimped out mind, body, please save my soul.
In defense we plead our ignorance. Money talks but we’re without. Silenced, the dream has slipped away. Buried deep within our doubts. No truth, nowhere.
Chaos drawing near.
Wager down to own our morals.
The price paid to own our fear.
Trapped in the race, find a way out.
I see the ugly side of a battered world and I can't confide in my fellow man, it's too much to take.
I see the ugly side.
Stretch it out too far and it's bound to break.
Track Name: Never Been Clean
Looking back to the days, pushing to the edge, like I'd lost my mind.
A time and place or buried nerve.
I'm still set to explode, If you throw me a curve.
Peel back the layers to expose the meaning behind.
The feeling takes on new forms and though it all I'm reborn.
Build a legacy with the cold hard stare.
Refuse to compromise.
I've tried my best to find some middle ground,
but when I gave an ounce, you tried to take a pound.
Peel back the layers to expose the meaning behind.
This path will always be scorned and though it all I am reborn, stronger. Never feel. Never be. I’ll never sell my soul, playing who you want me to be. Peel back the layers to expose.
Track Name: Die Down
Cornered like a rabid animal.
The end goal is our demise.
Discard the beaten discontent.
Drowning in an ocean of lies.
Take apart our means to survive.
Trial, led in vain. the ones who cast their stones,
because they couldn't stand the pain.
Straight through the heart.
Disease grips, tear the spirit apart.
Bare witness to the death of a dream.
Sick and tired? Then you know what I mean.
Dying from the “dream”.
Keep the order, the lines in place.
Maintained, the train on the track.
Lie and wait within the shadows.
Send the knife into our backs.
Watch us fall between the cracks.
Trial, led in vain. The ones who cast their stones,
because they couldn't stand the pain.
Ripped through the heart.
Disease grips, I feel my soul fail.
Here I sit and I watch. No control. Can't make it stop.
Here I stand. All I see. I'm dying down. I’m never free.
Track Name: When The Coffin Drops
Lost. Left without a fight.
Treating the weight like it comes and goes.
But the….fear, Something you never feel.
Burned in my brain, all I know.
All I know is to study the fear.
Too many halfway wish to die with expiration near.
Can't beat it. So you accept defeat.
Dead your minds eye, go to sleep.
Beware, none spared. Walking on the wrong side of death.
No hope, no prayer. Crossing to the wrong side…
Never be the same, when it calls your name.
Your time’s up.
Feeding on a failed perception of life.
Cut you down, pull you close, twist of the knife.
Begged for it. Now I hear your cries.
It’s what you wished for... say goodbye.
Walking on the wrong side of death.
Crossing to the wrong side of death.
Obsessed with the end.
Glorified demise.
Time to mean what you say, when the reaper calls.
Don't be afraid to look death in the eye.
Wrong side of death.